Trail Brew Running Soft Flask – 225ml/8oz (Green)

Trail Brew Running Soft Flask – 225ml/8oz (Green)

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Product Description
Keep hydrated and fuelled during all your shorter/hard effort runs with our 225ml Soft Flask.  Designed with an optimised outer grip, these Soft Flasks fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and can carry up to one hour of Trail Brew Fuel (electrolytes & carbohydrates) which is equivalent to having 2 sports gels.  

Good Brew consider adding one of these to your cart next time your shopping on the world wide web.

-Fits the side pockets of most shorts.
-Highly Durable.
-Soft food grade Silicone bite valve.

-100% BPA & PVC Free.

Product Details
-Wash before and after use.
-Hand wash only.
-Composition Main: 100% TPU (polyurethane)
-Weight =  24g
-Designed in Australia, Manufactured in China.